Adjusting to Autumn

Autumn weather means unpredictable weather, cooler mornings and windy afternoons. A pashmina is a lightweight addition to your bag. Add some pashminas of different colours and lengths to your coat-stand or wherever it is that you store your outerwear.

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Fresh morningsĀ 

Autumn is a leaf-strewn walk to school or work in the mornings. The air is crisp and smells earthy. The wind can be howling, and the clouds can deposit scatterings of raindrops.

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A pashmina thrown around your neck or shoulders keeps the autumn chill at bay.

Pashmina Scarf

Tie a pashmina around your neck or wrap around your back for a more structured or formal look to match your style.


Crisp afternoons

The afternoons can mean a walk to school or the bus stop, followed by waiting outside in the breezy air. Children are set free by the bell, and wish to expend bubbling energy in the playground, before the journey home must be undertaken.


The golden sunlight across the sky fades but a pashmina nestled around your neck radiates warmth on the walk home.

Enchanting Evenings

The cooling touch of wind whipping leaves along the ground is muted by a snugly wrapped pashmina.


A brisk stroll from the car to inside the house, or dash to the dairy for a last-minute item feels slightly less frenetic with a vibrant pashmina wrapped around your neck to reignite the last burst of energy from within.

Pashmina Scarf

From cozy inside heat to howling wind; attending an evening meeting, or cheering on a school sports match – all can be unpredictable with regards to the weather. Keep a longer pashmina wound around you to transform the experience.

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