Our Vision – Pashmina Scarves and Pearls

We love bringing you the highest quality of elegant pashmina scarves and pearls from around the world. This is our passion. 

We aim to become a leading expert in sourcing and carrying the highest quality selection of elegant bespoke pashmina scarves and shawls. In addition to our pashmina scarves and shawls we are showcasing genuine natural salt water pearls.

Our store is small but we have a big heart and passion for our customers and business. In order to deliver on our vision, we have strong values to which we abide to as a company and people behind Pashminanz. Our values are the fabric of our business, and they represent us, the people behind Pashminanz.

Our Key Values

RESPECT to everyone regardless of colour, race or creed. The rules are simple. Treat everyone fairly. Treat everyone with respect.

INTEGRITY towards all our dealings and relationships. We are ethical and trustworthy with all our stakeholders.

RESPONSIBILITY and accountability for our attitudes, words and actions. We aim to become a good citizen in our communities.

PASSIONATE about beauty, genuine styles, and more importantly passionate about our customers and our business.

We are on a very exciting journey, and we would love it if you could help us reach our goals.

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